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Dickson Inlet and Packers Creek

Dickson Inlet is listed as an Estuarine Conservation Zone of the Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park and an Area of State Significance.

This means that within just a few hundred meters of Port Douglas’s harbour we enter an area of beautiful unspoilt meandering mangrove channels which are the home to saltwater crocodiles and estuarine birdlife.

The inlet is salt water and dominated by red mangroves and other salt tolerant vegetation. It is a good example of the habitat which is found along much of the coast in far Northern Australia.

Finding the boat

The Lady Douglas leaves from Berth C13, Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, Port Douglas. 

The Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina is on Wharf St, which is a very short walk from the main street of Port Douglas; Macrossan Street. This is a short walk from most accommodation.

Boarding for all tours is 15 minutes prior to departure.

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